52 weeks of Thankfulness


You see March will bring about a new location, a new house, a new job, a new group of friends, a new breakfast spot, a new church for my husband and I. And so instead of filling my sponge brain that is so willing to accept all things doubtful I will see this year for its thank-ings. Yes this year is going to be about,

52 weeks of saying seeing thanks.

I live a privileged life. A blessed life. And so instead of focusing on the what ifs and if I had that…..I want to focus on the I am thankful for…*insert item, person, opportunity, emotion of the week*. So the plan may sound superficial, obsolete, insensitive to list a bunch of people, feelings, materials that I am thankful for. But perhaps by changing my perspective on the things I take for granted I will in fact empower myself to change the attitude of myself (and perhaps of others) of seeing the things I am thankful for (instead of things I wish I had).

~ bird


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