Instant Technology


I thought about being clever for this first post. I thought about being sentimental. I thought about being predictable, surprising and even quirky. But the one thing I was meant to think about I didn’t.

I had trouble thinking about what I was thankful for this week. *Crash Bang Whallop* huh you say? Sure I could ramble off a dozen thanfulness lists. I still find myself covered in bruises from pinching myself into reality. The things I am thankful for come easy. But seeing the weeks thankings despite the heat, slow motion work hours, hating long distance friendships and inevitable questions of who what where when and why…..what could I truly be thankful for that I am not already considerate of?

…..drum roll please……

Introducing the annoying, the damned if it breaks, love it when it works and turn of the century time altering achievement we call…Technology!

You see.

There is technology I love. Internet. And then there is technology I hate. Playstation (only the kind that competes for my husbands love and attention).

But without technology I wouldn’t survive. Well….I would find it difficult, maybe almost life threatening like don’t-throw-me-out-into-the-ocean-and-with-my-only-friend-the-soccer-ball kind of difficult. However, it is possible. Remove all things 10 years related. Facebook. Instagram. Tiny Village. Broad band internet. And I would still be happy.

But news wouldn’t be received as instant as my generation likes it. And so, that is what this weeks thankfulness is on.

Instant Technology.

How far we have come from morse code, carrier pigeons and posting STOP letters STOP by STOP telegram STOP style.

And because of it distance isn’t an issue. Being a bit of a traveller, home has been called many things. But this week taught me that those important to us will still find a way to include us in moments of celebration, weakness and importance, no matter the distance.

And so without instant communication I would not have received heart fluttering and mouth blubbering news that involves the pitter patter of tiny feet.

Without email I would not have seen beautiful unborn baby photos of a newly announced family member.

Without technology and due to a lack of distance I would not have read the power of friendship and a friends far off cry for prayer, gratitude, change and determination.

Without email that allows edits, colourful writing, illustrative description and daily conservations I would find sitting in front of my computer daily quite mind numbing. Thanks e-pals!

And even though I still hate telephones. Yes the telephone. I hate talking on the phone. I am thankful for it. There is only one person in this world that I can talk to on the phone and know every ounce of whom I am listening too.

My mother.

With her I understand every tone, syllable, pause, misused word, sarcasm, reference and inventive term that woman has to say. And because of that I know every time I get off that phone I know whom I have spoken too and what the conversation was all about – without having to see her face. So thank you inventors for keeping my mother and I still blissfully chatty. Well she chats, I listen.

But thank you instant technology. Thank you for your immediate (and yes at times annoying and time consuming) updates via texts, calls, instagram and status updates that like to inform me that someone is eating the worlds best bowl of coco pops, you make me know that I am alive. And life is still moving. Instantly!


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