Falling in Love – again

I recently fell in love.

I fell in love again with the same person.

I fell in love when I hadn’t even fallen out of love with them.

Have you experienced this? This feeling of falling in love again without having lost it?

It is a wonderful feeling.

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. It is a unique emotional action that takes you by hold; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and originally. For no two love is the same. You can love your Father differently to your Mother, to your Husband, to your friend, to your first love. But it doesn’t matter the person for it is love nonetheless.

Love makes you do crazy things. It can cause you to have great moments of embarrassment, talk too much or perhaps too little. It can stop you from doing things you thought you would do and it can make you do things you thought you wouldn’t. It can cause harm, heartache and acts of bravery. But when you find love. Honest love. It can make you look within yourself, grab hold of you and pull you from within to without, giving you the greatest gift – enlightenment. For I am loved and love has made me a better person.

Oceans have kept my husband and I apart. A decision chosen for our future. Temporary but challenging. He has been away for six weeks and just maybe another two. The time apart has been different for the both of us. Different surrounds and routines. I have missed him. I have cried for him. I have been productive and sad. I have attempted, persevered and rediscovered. And with a recent trip to visit him, I fell in love with him again. The clearest I have felt since the day I saw him at the end of the white carpet.

Conditionally…. Because we made a choice.  Through the good and the bad. Until death do us part and even then I will find him again above.

Perhaps I am still a newlywed. Married three years, no little ones or the weight of a mortgage holding us down – yet we have had our trials and we will continue to have them. But if choices are made and oceans come between us once more I will look for the opportunity to fall in love with him – again.

For I am thankful for love.



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