Guilty Pleasures

Cookies and Cream connoisseur ice-cream.

Willy Wonka nerd bar.

Medium McChicken meal with a sweet and sour sauce.

Hot chips and gravy.

Chocolate covered stuff.


….just a few guilty pleasures.

I eat it. I crave it. I want it. I desire it. I day dream it. I need it….and yet I shouldn’t have it.

But sometimes when a girl needs sugar…. by golly she means business!

So we have those days, weeks and for some, months where the craving is the only thing that will satisfy those roller coaster hormones.

Anxious hormones.

Moody hormones.

Angry hormones.

Sad hormones.

Hey! Female hormones are real (of course I’m only speaking on behalf of women and not all women). But when this lass has a craving, lets just say it will continue into the night and right into the next morning and the only thing that will help this craving, is not a big glass of water or a hypnotic evening of I do not want that mars bar, I do not need that mars bar, but the actual sugary goodness that has taken over her mental taste buds. So give the girl a break and give her the keys to the car!

We know its bad for us. We know to much is not good. And we know it will go straight to our thighs. And though we have processed these thoughts and hey about 30% of the time those truthful thoughts have won, 70% of the time we really do need that McChicken burger!

The moment our taste buds come in contact with the sugary evilness, the equation breaks down. No longer does E = MC2 (evilness = McChicken burger). But instead we have now reached a level of calmness, understanding, serenity and breathtakingly yummy goodness…

Ok ok maybe a little deep but in all honestly that moment makes another moment that came before the raging hormones simply seem…approachable.

So I thank you 24 hour Maccas, Coles that is open until 10pm and the video store who I can rely on to provide some teeth decaying choices. I thank you selfishly for your convenience, ease of access, spoilt opportunities, complete disregard for the food that is just as good in my fridge if not better. I thank you. I thank you for saving my cravings, calming those irrational thoughts and giving my body a rush of sanity. Because sugar for me gives me the giggles and stops the possibility of too many unneeded fights with loved ones.


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