For the love of C O F F E E

I do not remember where my love of books came from. I do remember my parents reading to me. I  remember my collection of Golden Books and Walt Disney. I remember the Water Babies. And The Night before Christmas. I recall my love of library day and the compelling need to read as many books as I could. But I do not remember where this love came from.

I do remember when I first fell in love with coffee. Or the concept of coffee. It was the year of 2002. It was the same year I met who I believed was my soul sister. I would have six months with her before an unfortunate event would take her across states. In those six months a beautiful bond was formed. And we would now embark upon great adventures of happiness, devastation, heartache, revelations, blissfulness, change, sadness and forgiveness.

It was my first visit to her world that would form this love of coffee. I thought she was the coolest chick in town. We took to the esplanade where we would order our first latte and two scones (this order is still the same 10 years on). We sat their confidently and eloquently dining in the image of being coffee drinkers. It was trendy. It was fashionable. It was grown up. I believe to this day that although a latte with 2 sugars is still my choice of drink it is the concept of coffee that began my drinking habits, not the taste.

Fortunately for my husband and I, we now have an appreciation for good coffee. Good beans. A fragrant smell. And a great looking cup. And this is continually being stretched and pulled because of two fabulously beautiful people who we can call our best buds. We have both seen our relationships with each other and with our partners grow, flourish and commit. And now they will have the opportunity to watch others grow, flourish and maybe even commit (perhaps some marriage proposals are in store) because they have opened their very own cafe!

 The Birds and The Beans Espresso Bar

This new rustic charmed cafe can be found at The old Vandy’s Garage, 116 Burnett Street, Buderim QLD. You can also find them on facebook or check out the reviews at Beanhunter. Below are a few photos courtesy to the facebook page and to the photographer whom I don’t know your name. Enjoy.

~ bird